Onsite Coordination

Customized to our clients' immigration requirements and collaborative in nature, the VisaPro Onsite Coordination Program benefits our clients who need to jump start their corporate immigration process.

With larger number of employees, it is often difficult to monitor the overall immigration process. Companies who have large number of employees often must devote considerable time and resources to manage their immigration process effectively.

VisaPro can provide a dedicated Onsite Coordinator at your facility to serve as an extension of your Human Resources department in supervising your corporate immigration process.

VisaPro Onsite Coordination is suitable for you if:

  • Your current immigration resources are unable to handle the volume and complexity of your corporate immigration process
  • You require additional legal assistance to advice on your corporate immigration process
  • Your managers are distracted from their primary job responsibility by their involvement in your corporate immigration process
  • You need help keeping track of your corporate immigration process
  • Your company is overwhelmed with visa requirements, documents and communication with your US office
  • Your company is seeking compliance on immigration matters
  • Your company would like to streamline the procedures and standardize processes in the organization

How does VisaPro Onsite Coordination work?

VisaPro assigns an Onsite Coordinator stationed at your Indian office, who will be the "single point of contact" for all immigration needs. Working closely with your team, VisaPro creates the Onsite Coordination model to greatly reduce the amount of time and effort required by your personnel.

VisaPro's Onsite Coordinator assumes the roles of virtually everyone currently involved in the immigration process at your company the sole exceptions being the "candidate" and the "signatory" of the documents. VisaPro's Onsite Coordination Process with single point of contact saves countless hours of valuable time, and frees up resources that can now be applied to your mission-critical core activities.

Where to Start:

Our service consultants can work with you to develop a no-obligation proposal and program from the following available options:

  • Analyze case background and select appropriate visa category
  • Collect documents
  • Prepare forms
  • Prepare cover letters
  • Prepare support letters
  • Coordinate with your US and other branch offices
  • Coordinate with your finance department for USCIS checks
  • Schedule consular appointments
  • Prepare complete case package
  • Brief the candidate and conduct mock interviews
  • Answer queries from different departments
  • Provide you updates on changes in consular or USCIS rules, regulations and processes

For more information or to request for a proposal, contact us.