US Consular Processing

What is Consular Processing?

Consular Processing of nonimmigrant visa is the process by which you apply for a nonimmigrant visa at a U.S. consulate overseas if you are outside the U.S. Consular Processing is suitable for anyone seeking a visa to the U.S. including Foreign professional applying for temporary work visas (Exp: H-1B, H-2B, R-1 etc) dependents of nonimmigrant visa holders (Exp: F-2, H-4, L-2 etc) and who wish to process their I-130 and Marriage based visas.

VisaPro India helps you to successfully apply for and complete the Consular Processing with ease.

Why is it important?

A nonimmigrant visa interview at a Consulate is often a nerve-wracking experience especially for first-timers. As most cases are decided after a brief interview and a quick review of documents by the Consular Officer, being prepared for the interview is absolutely essential.

Our experience, knowledge of local procedures, and resultant ability to anticipate problems before they arise are all important factors in our success in assisting clients with consular processing.

How does VisaPro handle consular processing?

We comply with all the latest procedures at the various consulates in India.

VisaPro's experienced immigration team will:

  • Prepare complete case package
  • Provide brief on consular processing
  • Conduct Mock Interviews on consular process & port-of-entry issues

We also recommend you to view the following videos containing two mock interview sessions on how to handle interview at the consulate. If you are a foreign national with an approved nonimmigrant visa petition and are preparing for a visa interview, contact us for a mock interview session where we will take a closer look at the documents to be carried to the Consulate and also guide you on how to face the Consular Officer.

Mock Interview 1 (Windows Media File)

Mock Interview 2 (Windows Media File)

Mock Interview 3 (Windows Media File)

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